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  • 90% of home buyers search online for a home(Source: 2012 profile of home buyers)

  • Online Real Estate search has grown 253% over the past 4 years (Source: Google Internal Data Q3, 201)

  • 68% of new home shoppers use a mobile device to search

    • 21% of those shoppers then called an agent (Source: Google & Compete New Home Shopper Mobile Home Survey 2012)

  • 75% of Seniors go online to search for homes to buy

  • 93% of Vacation Home Buyers use the internet to shop for a home

People can find me in the Business Directory and they can see my current listings in the Real Estate Guide.  And I appreciate that people come to to research the area – many are potential home buyers who will find Weathers Real Estate Group on the site.

Gin Weathers

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3 Reasons Why Realtors Love Our Monterey County Real Estate Guide

Our email marketing gets your real estate business and brand into potential customers’ inboxes and encourages them to share with family and friends, increasing your reach and expanding awareness for your business name.


I Love Carmel California reaches your potential real estate clients on 6 social media channels and you are included in our Monterey County Business Directory at no extra cost (An additional $120 Value).

Active on LinkedIn since 2009, we have thousands of connections.  There are more than 3,340,829 people on LinkedIn who are within 100 miles of Carmel by-the-Sea and another 3.4 million in popular locations in Texas.

Gain the Advantage of Being Actively Promoted by Locals

It’s Like Having Your Own Expanded Referral Service!

The Features You Want

  • Real Estate Agent Photo & Business Name
  • Complete Contact Information
  • Visitors Can Contact You Automatically
  • Up to 9 Color Images Per Listing
  • Each Listing Image Featured on the Main Page
  • Plus Exclusive Page for Each Listing
  • Complete Address for Each Listing
  • Link to Your Website
  • Unlimited Number of Listings
  • Each Listing Stays Up Until ‘Sold’
  • Add New Listings at Any Time
  • We Upload All Information For You
  • Promotional Paragraph About Agent Included
  • Mobile Friendly

The Promotion You Need

  • Promoted on Twitter
  • Promoted on Facebook
  • Promoted on LinkedIn
  • Promoted on Google+
  • Promoted on Pinterest
  • Promoted on YouTube
  • Promoted in I Love Carmel California Weekly
  • Promoted on
  • Promoted in Email Campaigns
  • Promoted on Mobile Phones
  • Promoted through Local Word of Mouth
  • Promoted in Blog Posts
  • Promotion in Business Directory

For a Limited Time

Less Than 66 Cents Per Day

( $240 Paid Annually)
And you get your Business Listed in the Business Directory for Free ($120 Additional Value)

As locals who bought our home in 2008, we appreciate the importance of having a caring and knowledgeable real estate professional. Our goal is to help introduce you to people who are looking to buy or sell a home in Monterey County.

Becoming a Member of Our Real Estate Guide is Easy

  1. Fill in your Business Name
  2. Click the JOIN NOW button
  3. Complete the payment information
  4. Follow the instructions to complete and submit Your Listing(s)

We’re looking forward to helping you connect with home buyers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's only $240 for an entire year? What can I get for that?

We post on 6 different social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.  It’s like having your own social media marketing team!

We also send out an email newsletter and we create a weekly, online newspaper called the I Love Carmel California Weekly that is published on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Your listing is also professionally showcased on our website, which is also Mobile Friendly.

Include testimonials from your previous clients as well as statistical information about your success as a realtor.  Testimonials and statistics are proven to help you stand out when visitors are making a decision about their choice of realtors.

Our website visitors can view your listings and then automatically contact you with the included Contact Form that links directly to your email.

You can add an unlimited number of listings each year (per agent*) and each listing stays up until ‘Sold’.  And to make it easier, we upload everything to our website for you, so you don’t need technical skills. *Each agent needs to have his/her own membership.

In addition, as locals, we use word of mouth to help send visitors to our website and your listings.  There is nothing like a ‘local network’!

Plus your business is listed in our Monterey County Business Directory at no additional cost.  That’s a savings of $120/year.  Our Business Directory lists top quality businesses and services in Monterey County.  It’s THE resource for people who need your services. In addition to your business information and photos, your business listing can also include testimonials from satisfied customers. Testimonials are one of the best ways to generate new customers.

Is it worth 66 cents a day to get new prospective clients who need your help buying or selling a home?  We are hearing from realtors that this is the best opportunity they have seen in a long time.  Of course, the choice is up to you, but the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll  have your listings and your brand showcased on  Follow the easy sign up below.



How Do I Sign Up for the Real Estate Guide?

Once you have provided your Business Name, your Email Address, clicked the JOIN NOW button and completed your payment, you will receive an email from with complete instructions.  We will upload all of the information to the Real Estate Guide for you – so you can focus on your business!

How long does my membership last?

Your membership is good for one year and begins once you have approved your first real estate listing and it is live on our website.

How do I enter the information for my real estate listings?

To make it easy for you, we add all of the information for your real estate listings to our website for you.  We’ll let you know what we need, and you’ll approve the listing, but we know you are busy with your business, so we’ll take care of the technical stuff for you.

How is different from other places that I advertise?

We believe that there are lots of great places to advertise and we are supportive of all of them.  Our approach is to be proactive, which means that we reach out to potential customers through social media, email, and through our personal and professional contacts.  We are continually building our list of people, both locals and tourists, so we can provide them with the information, products, and services that they need.  We are a business, but we are also just people like you, who want to see our community be successful.  We are experienced marketers and we combine that expertise with our local, grass roots efforts to bring customers to your door.

What is the Business Directory and how will it help me?

Our Monterey County Business Directory lists businesses throughout Monterey County.  The purpose of the Directory is to help people connect with quality businesses.  Each business receives a comprehensive listing, including the ability to include customer testimonials, which are proven to increase customer engagement.  Participation in the Business Directory will give your real estate business additional opportunities to connect with potential clients.  As a member of our Real Estate Guide, you will receive a complimentary listing in our Business Directory (A $120 additional value). You can learn more about the Business Directory here.  But be sure to sign up for the Real Estate Guide so you get your Business Listing for free!

Ready to join our Real Estate Guide?  Fill in the information below and click the red JOIN NOW button to get started!

Your Business Name is locally owned by people who live in Monterey County, just like you.  We love helping locals, visitors, and businesses connect.  If you know of other realtors who could benefit from our Real Estate Guide, please feel free to share this page with them.

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