Spooky Carmel by the Sea:

If the sight of ghosts and goblins doesn’t scare you, maybe the Carmel by the Sea Halloween Parade will!

On an eerily hot and creepily still Saturday morning tiny ghosts and goblins, four legged pirates, dancing bees, giant tigers, and killer wiener dogs took over the streets of Carmel by the Sea.  The young, the old, and those somewhere in between had mysteriously been transformed into creatures of all kinds.

Witches Brew

They stealthily slunk after the town’s finest….the mayor, the former mayor, the former former mayor, and members of the Carmel City Council. Even these famous Carmel celebrities had been transformed by some mysterious witches brew, turning them into Mary Poppins, spiders, trains, and other unsavory characters.

Some of the scarier costumes included those who were dressed as hot dogs in a bun. They actually started barking as if they were really just dogs wearing costumes. Pretty scary stuff.

Magic Wands

Spooky Carmel by the Sea CaliforniaWitches, goblins, princesses and fairies passed out things that looked like spooky pencils from the Carmel Public Library Foundation.  There’s no doubt that these twisted and ghostly looking sticks were really magic wands, ready to cast a spell.

The whole macabre troupe marched off toward town, no doubt ready to spread mischief along Ocean Avenue. The Carmel Fire Department was in hot pursuit.

Within fifteen minutes the entire motley crew reappeared like an apparition, headed back toward the Sunset Center for a fiendish feast. Their numbers had swelled, as a large crowd of witches, skeletons, punk rockers, and even a strange looking green carpet with flamingo epaulettes swarmed after them.

The Great Pumpkin Roll

After devouring a wickedly good lunch, we suspect that the entire motley crew marched up to the top of the ghostly Ocean Avenue hill to join in the Great Pumpkin Roll. Those who escaped the smashing pumpkins ended up skulking around in Devendorf Park, dancing spritely dances to the eerie music and scaring unsuspecting townsfolk who were lingering on park benches.

As if by magic, on the stroke of five, the ghosts and goblins disappeared into the forest of Carmel by the Sea, perhaps to plan another spooky day for next Halloween.  If you wander into the woods, keep your eyes open for those little creatures, especially those four legged ones.  They are everywhere!

Trick or Treat!

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What do you Think?

Did you go to the Carmel by the Sea Halloween Parade?  What little goblins did you see? How was the Wiener Fest at the Sunset Center? Were you visiting Carmel? We’d love to hear from you!

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