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Check out these Local’s Doggie Secrets in Carmel:

  • The Fountain of Woof drinking fountain is in Carmel Plaza
  • Mingle with locals at Yappy Hour with your pooch from 4:30 – 6pm in the lounge at the Cypress Inn
  • Your dog can choose Chicken or Steak from the Doggie Menu at Forge in the Forest

Pet Friendly Puppy in Carmel California

Pet Friendly Carmel

Carmel by the Sea is a known as the #1 pet friendly city in the U.S.  So bring your people friendly dog and enjoy the beaches, hiking trails, shops, wine tasting rooms, restaurants, and hotels with your best friend.  Let your dog run free on Carmel beach. Take him or her to Yappy Hour. Choose gourmet treats from local pet stores. Or order from unique doggie menus at some of the restaurants. Your dog may even have his own special bowl and pet bed at your hotel.  Or is it his hotel?  If you have a sweet dog, be sure to bring him to Carmel so he can show you the town. Click on any tab below to explore your pet friendly options.

Pet Friendly Activities in Carmel by the Sea

In addition to the Activities listed here, be sure to check our Events Calendar for ‘pet friendly’ events in and around Carmel CA!

Carmel Plaza – located on Ocean between Junipero and Mission, the Carmel Plaza is home to many beautiful shops and places to eat.  The lower level (there are 3 levels) is a great place to take your friendly dog.  There are benches and tables scattered among the rock gardens and flowers and even a water fountain that caters to your dog. It’s called The Fountain of Woof. Talk about pet friendly!

Wine Tasting – OK, your pup probably isn’t going to enjoy a flight of wine, but they are welcome to join you in the wine tasting rooms around Carmel.  And most wine rooms are well stocked with Doggie Treats, so you and your best friend can both have a great time!  If you’d both like to give the Wine Tasting rooms a try, visit our Love Map to see where all the wine rooms are located.


Dog Friendly Beaches

Is Carmel pet friendly? Check out these beautiful dog friendly beaches and parks where you can romp with your dog! We think you’ll agree that Carmel is one of the most pet friendly places anywhere.

Carmel Beach – located on Scenic and Ocean Avenue.  This is a Dog Favorite because there is No Leash Required. But please be sure your pup plays nice in the sandbox and gets along well with other dogs and be sure to pick up after your pooch.  ‘Doggy bags’ are located in free dispensers along Scenic so you can pick up one or two before you head down the stairs to the beach.  There is Free Parking along Scenic and the surrounding streets.  There are also beautiful restrooms for people on Scenic at Santa Lucia.  Bring your tennis ball or frisbee and have a great time!
Hours: 6am – 10pm


Carmel River State Beach – This mile long beach features a bird sanctuary in a lagoon that empties into the sea.  This area also includes Monastery Beach, sometimes called San Jose Creek Beach.  It’s a popular area with scuba divers, but swimming or wading at this beach can be very dangerous because of the tides.  It’s pet friendly and Dogs are allowed on this beach if they are on a leash.  
Directions: From Ocean Avenue in Carmel, head west, downhill toward the beach.  Follow the loop at the bottom of Ocean Avenue which will start you heading back up the hill.  Take a right on Scenic.  After a block of beautiful residential homes, you’ll be driving along the coastline.  Once you pass the intersection of Scenic and 8th, Scenic becomes a one way street that you can follow to Carmel River State Beach.  You’ll know you’re there when you reach the beachside parking lot. There is a restroom at the parking lot.
Phone: 831-649-2836
Website: Carmel River State Beach


Pet friendly Garrapata BeachGarrapata State Park – located off of Highway 1, Garrapata State Park is a challenge to find, but well worth the effort. From the hiking trails you can reach the Big Sur Coastline beaches or hike through the Redwoods and explore the Santa Lucia Mountain.  There are 19 turnouts for the park.  Coming from Carmel, #1 is first.  To reach the beaches, take turnout 18 or 19.  Dogs are only permitted on Garrapata Beach and must be kept on a leash at all times.
Directions: From the intersection of Rio Road and Highway 1, follow Highway 1 south toward Big Sur for 6.7 miles and look or the Garrapata State Park sign on the west side (right side) of the road.  The first turnout, marked #1 is immediately after the Garrapata State Park sign.  There are 19 turnouts in total.  If you reach the mile marker labeled MON 63:00, oops.  You have gone too far!

Pet friendly Entrance to Mission Trail in Carmel CaliforniaMission Trail Park – This hidden gem offers 35 acres of woods and trails, perfect for your personal hike or a walk with your dog.  If you’re in Carmel, you can either walk east, up Mountain View Road until it becomes Forest Road and enter the park across a charming wooden bridge.  You can also start at the corner of Junipero and 8th and walk east up the hill on 8th until it ends, then turn right onto Forest and follow the road to the trailhead across the bridge.  I’ve hiked these trails during the week and often my only companions have been the chirping birds and scurrying squirrels.

Pet Friendly Carmel

There’s a reason why Carmel by-the-Sea is named, year after year, as the #1 pet destination in the United States.  Check out this list of ‘pet friendly’ hotels in Carmel by the Sea for a great place for your pet (and you) to stay! Click on any hotel for pictures and more details about these dog friendly hotels in Carmel CA.

Adobe Inn

Briarwood Inn

Carmel Country Inn

Carmel Fireplace Inn

Carmel Garden Inn

Carmel Lodge

Carmel Mission Inn

Carmel Resort Inn

Carmel River Inn

Carmel Wayfarer Inn

Casa de Carmel Inn

Coachman’s Inn

Cypress Inn

Edgemere Cottages

Forest Lodge

Happy Landing Inn

Hofsas House

Lamplighter Inn

Monte Verde Inn

Oceanview Lodge

Svendsgaard’s Inn

Tradewinds Carmel

Vagabond’s House Inn

Wayside Inn

Pet Friendly Places in Carmel by the Sea: Pet Care and Pet Grooming

Pet friendly Grooming By the Sea in Carmel, CaliforniaGrooming By the Sea – Check out the review for Grooming By the Sea and you’ll find many happy pet owners and pets! Marki and Josh provide warm, pet friendly grooming services and pet care at their location on Mission between 3rd and 4th.
Phone:  831-625-1111
Address:  Mission between 3rd and 4th in Carmel






Suds ‘N Scissors – If you are looking for a wonderful, caring place to take your dog or cat for grooming, you have come to the right place.  Suds ‘N Scissors has been a tradition in Carmel for 45 years.  The owner, Todd Harris, previously owned Country Club Kennels, Santa Cruz Animal Care, and Tatoha Trainers and he has been a member of the Del Monte Kennel Club for 20 years.  Todd has also been a dog show handler and groomer.  Feel free to stop by to check out his shop – grooming is done at the front of the store so you can easily see their amazing pet care.  While you’re there, treat your pet to a new toy or outfit from their boutique!  You’ll find Suds ‘N Scissors in the Crossroads Shopping Center, which is at the southeast corner of Rio Road and Highway 1.  Enter the shopping center at the main light on Rio Road.  Turn left at the first stop sign and you’ll find Suds ‘N Scissors on the left side just around the bend.
:  223 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel
 Phone:  831-624-4697



Pet Friendly Carmel: Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting services are typically provided by individuals in the Carmel by the Sea area.  If you need pet sitting for your friendly doggie you can contact these individuals, who are listed as Pet Sitters by the Cypress Inn.  Rates typically range from $12- $20/hour.  24 hour notice will give you the best chance of engaging one of these sitters.  We often see Margaret Hurley, who is a neighbor, walking her adorable Westie dog Findley along with a ‘guest’ pooch.

Darlene Wright (831) 625-5740 or (831) 915-8476
Nancy Bowman (831) 372-7956
Joe & Laurie Bauer (831) 649-5174
Cyndi Ankley (831) 392-5551
Andrea Strano (831) 521-6029
Cristy Eldridge (831) 246-2147
Crystal Olson (831) 238-0746
Melissa Katoa (831) 869-3241
Shaunna Mullins (831) 430-6683
Margaret Hurley (831) 601-5707
Maddie Parker (831)236-8929

Dog Friendly Restaurants Carmel

Hungry?  There are plenty of pet friendly places where your doggie can take you to eat.  Check out these ‘pet friendly’ restaurants all located in Carmel by-the-Sea.  Each restaurant has outdoor patio seating for you and your pet.

400 Degrees Gourmet Burgers & Fries


Bistro Beaujolais

Bistro Giovannis


Club Jalapeno

Cypress Inn (Terry’s Lounge)

Forge in the Forest


Hog’s Breath Inn

Jack London

La Dolce Vita

Le St. Tropez

Little Napoli


Nielsen Brothers


The Village Corner

If you’re looking for the perfect place for you pet, Carmel is the equivalent of Doggy Heaven.  Many Restaurants, hotels, and shops welcome your friendly, furry friend, providing water bowls and doggy treats.  If you’re lucky, your dog will invite you to join them at Yappy Hour or perhaps share their Doggie Room Service Menu.  Year after year, Carmel by-the-Sea is rated the #1 Dog Friendly Town in the U.S.

As a courtesy to everyone, please help keep Carmel the best Dog Friendly town by following these simple rules:

  • Pick up pet waste.  Biodegradable bags are provided for free at locations around the city, but you should be prepared with a few of your own.
  • Dogs need to have a current license and vaccinations
  • In town, dogs must be on a leash
  • Dogs may be ‘Off Leash’ on Carmel Beach and Mission Trail Park, provided they respond to voice command
  • Although they may look inviting, please don’t eat the cookie Doggie Treats at Diggity Dog!

Thank You!  Enjoy Carmel!

Diggidy Dog – your pet will never forgive you if you don’t make a stop at Diggidy Dog while you are in Carmel.  Located on the west side of Mission, just south of Ocean Avenue, Diggidy Dog is a favorite for locals and visitors.  Cute pet clothing, just about every dog and cat accessory you can think of (and more), and a huge selection of delectable looking doggie treats await you and your pet friend.  Of course your friendly pet can go with you into the store.  We have had some laughs when a pooch or two snitches a low hanging treat while browsing with their owner.
Phone:  831-625-1585


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