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Community Resources: Monterey Herald, Carmel Pine Cone, Libraries, Government Offices, Radio, TV and More

Find the community resources you need. From newspapers like the Monterey Herald and Carmel Pine Cone, to library information and government offices, use our Community Resources section to help you find what you need.  Click on any of the tabs below to get started.

City Governments

Most of the City Governments in the Monterey Peninsula have open meetings to allow the public to attend. If you are new to the area or thinking about moving to the Monterey Peninsula, you may enjoy attending the city hall meeting for your community. Here are the city websites for some of the area city governments. Check out your community website for details.

City of Carmel

Pacific Grove




Monterey Colleges and Other Education Resources

The Monterey Peninsula has you covered when it comes to great public and private schools and colleges in Monterey CA. Education is such an important part of Monterey that we have a separate section just for Education.  Find out more in our special section about Monterey public schools and Monterey colleges.


Public libraries today offer so much more than just books on shelves.  Choose from digital services, onsite computers, reference materials, DVD’s, streaming services, and community programs for both adults and children.

Check out your community libraries

Harrison Memorial Library, Carmel California – Stop by the Harrison Memorial Library in Carmel, located at the corner of Lincoln and Ocean Avenue. Browse the book selection. Choose from the magazine rack and cozy up in the comfy chair by the huge fireplace. Check out audio books and DVD’s. The Harrison Memorial Library serves more than 104,000 visitors each year.

Newspapers and Magazines

The Monterey Peninsula has a terrific selection of local newspapers and magazines.  Many offer digital access from your computer.  And you can also pick up copies around Carmel at special ‘newsstands’ located on some streets in town.

Find a Newsstand Around Carmel by the Sea

Check out the news rack next to the Harrison Memorial Library at the northeast corner of Lincoln and Ocean Avenue.  Or find magazines and newspapers on the northwest side of San Carlos between Ocean and 6th. You’ll find the Monterey Weekly and the Pine Cone on a wooden bench outside of The Cottage Restaurant on Lincoln between Ocean and 7th.

Monterey Herald, Monterey Weekly, The Pine Cone, Carmel Magazine, Diners Guide

At most locations you can pick up the Monterey Herald, the Monterey Weekly, the Pine Cone, Carmel Magazine, and the Diners Guide. You’ll also find 65|57 and Key Magazine.  You can get a free online edition of the Dining Guide here.

Coastal Canine and Tide Charts Booklet

If you happen to walk by the Dog Therapist’s office on the west side of San Carlos at 8th, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of Coastal Canine.  You may also find a small book with the Tide Charts for Carmel….always useful if you are planning a walk along Carmel beach. The Carmel Pine Cone comes out every Friday.  Pick up your copy so you can read about the fun events coming up for the weekend in Carmel.

The Pine Cone Digital Subscription for Free

You can subscribe to their digital paper and get the Pine Cone delivered to your inbox each week.  It’s really a fun and information local Carmel paper.  If you are planning to visit Carmel, you’ll probably enjoy subscribing.  If you are a local, you’ll definitely want to either pick up a hard copy or get your digital version of the Pine Cone here.

Radio Stations

Check out the local radio stations around Carmel by the Sea.

KRML:  Tune in to 102.1 FM or 1410 AM

KAZU:  NPR for the Monterey Peninsula.

KCDU:   101.7 on your dial ‘The Beach” radio station

Local Television Stations around Carmel by the Sea

KSBW Action News 8.  Local news coverage for the Monterey Peninsula area

KION Channel 5 Local news for the Monterey Peninsula area

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