How to Find the Secret Mailbox in Carmel by-the-Sea

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Carmel by-the-Sea

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Secret Mailbox Carmel California

Carmel by-the-Sea’s Secret Mailbox

There is a ‘secret’ mailbox in Carmel by-the-Sea.  It’s not at the Post Office.  It’s not at anyone’s home. You don’t need to know a combination to open the mailbox.  And you will find some unique mail inside. Come with me as we trace the steps along Scenic Drive in Carmel by-the-Sea.

I like to call it Pastor Norm’s mailbox because he told me about it.  But I’m pretty sure it existed long before Pastor Norm.  He just enjoyed stopping there from time to time.  Once he told me about this secret mailbox and I followed his instructions, I started to stop there, too.  It’s one of the best decisions I ever made.

Would you like to join me on this Carmel by-the-Sea adventure?  Ok, let’s go.

la playa hotel carmel californiaDown 8th Street toward the Ocean, the sound of the surf getting louder with each step.  Past historic, La Playa Hotel.  Across the crosswalk at the corner of Scenic with the ground squirrels scurrying about in the fallen limbs and the smell of the seaweed drifting up from the beach. Gravel crunching underfoot while dogs run helter-skelter after tennis balls in and out of the waves on the beach below. 8th Street, 9th Street, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, Santa Lucia…all passing underfoot as I head along Scenic toward Carmel Point. Peering through the Monterey Pines at the surfers along Carmel Beach.

Along Scenic Drive High Above Carmel Beach in Carmel by-the-Sea

Stopping for a bit at one of the many benches that dot Scenic. Past purple ice plant.  Past hummers.  Past the famous Frank Lloyd Wright House with its ship’s bow. Past the seals lounging on the rugged rocks below. Around Carmel Point and the Butterfly House that juts out over the rocks and waves. Around the sharp bend that looks out over Carmel River State Beach and the arching rocks below where we were married.  Past the steep steps down to the beach.

There Is the Secret Mailbox in Carmel by-the-Sea

I see it. There’s the rustic, old wooden bench and mailbox underneath, just down the road at the next curve. Steps lead down to the bench, but not to the beach below. It’s as if the steps beckon you to the bench and invite you to sit awhile, explore the mailbox, and enjoy the view across the sand to the waves crashing among the rocks.

What’s inside this secret mailbox?  You’ll want to find it, see for yourself, and perhaps become part of Carmel California history.  I hope you brought a pen.

Past Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch

mission ranch, carmel, californiaAnd after? Continue on the path around the next bend to the entrance to the sanctuary.  Take a walk along the beach if you have time, or continue on, along Carmelo, past the meadow filled with sheep at Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch, back toward the village of Carmel by-the-Sea.

Round trip?  Just a couple of miles.

Will you make the trip?  Let us know.  We’d love to see your view from the secret mailbox in Carmel by-the-Sea.

Image of Otter for I Love Carmel California

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