Can you imagine quitting your corporate accounting jobs, trading in your beautiful home for a huge RV, and spending your life traveling around the country with your two dogs?  Meet Amy and Rod Burkert, who did just that.  You could really say that they have gone to the dogs!

Gone to the Dogs

Amy and Rod Burkert GoPetFriendly.comThey started an online site called in 1999 to help people have great travel experiences with their pets. Then they decided that they wanted to live the life that they talked about on their website.  So for the past 6 years they have been living their dream on the road with their two favorite 4-legged friends, Ty and Buster.

As Amy and Rod said,

“Our furry pals are always up for an adventure, never complain that the music is too loud, and enjoy exploring new places.  But mostly they’re happy because we’re together.  They’re our better halves, our loyal wingmen, and the Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip is a celebration of the bonds that grow between humans and pets as the miles roll by.”

The Ultimate Gone to the Dogs Roadtrip

Gone to the Dogs Ultimate Road Trip MapLast year Amy and Rod thought that it would be great fun to visit the most dog-friendly places in the United States.  So they decided to embark (pun intended) on a 10 month, 48 state tour.  Their goal is to visit the most dog-friendly place in each state.  What better place to start their 10 month adventure than in Carmel by-the-Sea, California, the #1 pet friendly town in the USA!

Gone to the Dogs With Diggidy Dog!

So that’s exactly what they did.  On Saturday, February 11, 2017 Amy and Rod partnered with Diggidy Dog in Carmel and the SPCA of Monterey County to host a pet adoption and to meet with pet lovers at the Diggidy Dog shop on Ocean Avenue.

Gone to the Dogs at Diggidy DogThere were dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.  There was plenty of tail wagging.  And we’re pretty sure that Diggidy Dog gave away a lot of dog treats.  There were local dogs.  And there were dogs from Sonoma, San Mateo, Los Angeles and more.  It was a great party!

Amy and Rod helped celebrate the day with prizes and giveaways from some of their sponsors and goodie bags for their guests.  Amy had a chance to meet Marshall Coleman, the president of the Carmel Dachshund Club.  Marshall has 9 dachshunds and he helps foster dogs for Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (POMDR), an amazing organization that helps senior dogs find a loving home.

Gone to the Dogs PlutoThe SPCA of Monterey brought 4 adorable dogs and one cat….all of them were looking for their forever home.  Be sure to watch our video at the end of this post to see what happened to ‘Woody’!  And see the sad story of Pluto…

We had a chance to spend some time with Amy to learn more about their website and their adventures on the road. helps travelers and their pets find fun places to explore and great places to stay.  Amy and Rod even created a travel planner – just enter your travel destinations and will show you the pet friendly places to stay along your route.  It’s a exclusive.

Next Stop: Phoenix, Arizona

Next stop?  Amy, Rod, Ty, and Buster are doing another pet friendly event, this time in Phoenix, Arizona.  If you have pet friends in the Phoenix area, be sure to share this post with them.  And have them go to the Ultimate Road Trip events page or the Facebook page to sign up for the event.  And check out the map that shows their entire travel route for the next ‘gone to the dogs’ 10 months.

Now it’s your turn.  Tell us about your favorite 4-legged friend in the comments below.  We’d love to hear about your travel adventures!  And don’t forget to watch our video to see all of the furry guests and to hear Woody’s story with a happy ending and Pluto’s personal message to you.

Image of Otter for I Love Carmel California

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